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Got thin lips? Try this

Over time a woman’s lip can turn loose and appear to have decreased in volume. And then there are some women who have very thin lips and don’t feel confident with their looks. This might lead to low-confidence and also challenging for lipstick application. This can be solved with the help of lip fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm fillers that are injected into the lip line. The lips will plump up and give a fuller appearance. This is a simple procedure that can be carried out quickly and will not hinder the patient’s regular activities.

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What is Vaginal Tightening?

Often after delivering a baby many women find the whole area is stretched and loose. SO many of them wish to turn them back to its original. There are many procedures to try and restore it back. Some are surgical. But going for a laser treatment that is both non-surgical and fairly safe can be opted for. They are FDA-approved and are allowed to practice in Pakistan.

This vaginal tightening procedure is a quick, relatively less-invasive outpatient procedure that not only tightens the vagina but is also believed to solve incontinence and the vaginal dryness issues. The procedure is carried out only after a thorough consultation with our professional and experienced doctors. A laser is inserted into the vagina which will reach to the level that is deep enough to tighten the collagen of the skin. The procedure would last for a few minutes and is recommended to be carried out at a consistent gap of few weeks. The post-care will be explained by the doctor for effective results.

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