Heavy Duty Jack Stands for the Electrical Industry

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iTOOLco’sjack stands for the electrical industry make wire pulling run smooth and easy.  These innovative jack stands have four 20,000 lb. sealed bearings that capture the axle to prevent reels from traveling during the pull.  Best of all iTOOLco Real Jacks won’t tip over.

With a capacity of 6,000 lb., iTOOLco’s jack stands eliminate the need to lift heavy wire reels, decreasing the risk of back injuries among users.



These jack stands make is possible to easily lift heavy wire reels for convenient pulling. The internal arbor traps the axle prevents it from falling out or traveling horizontally making it safer than other jack stands. The separate sides can even beused safely on uneven ground.


iTOOLco jack stands store and transport on the iTOOLco Real Tender.  These jack stands can be used with 22″ to 66″ spools and fit Wemco reels.  The design is compact and includes convenience carrying handles.  At 35 lb. per side, these jack stands are portable and easy to carry.  iTOOLco’s jack stands can be used with a 1.5” to 2.75” O.D. solid or rigid pipe.


iTOOlco jack stands set up in under one minute and require no drills or extra tools.  Using the jack stands is fast and easy.



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